Current Activities

The Massie Chairs of Excellence can provide comprehensive solutions to a variety of engineering and science problems spanning practically all engineering and science disciplines. While the Massie Chair professor at each university offers a unique engineering expertise, all the Chairs combine to provide a multidisciplinary team approach to the solution of complex engineering, science, and environmental problems. If the problem in question requires more than the combined engineering and science expertise of the Chairs, each Chair can also garner additional resources and expertise from either within their respective universities, or from the other Chair institutions. In addition, the Chairs can also bring the expertise of their national and international team of collaborators to bear on specific projects. Consequently, partnering with the Massie Chairs provides access to state-of-the-art equipment, well trained research and development personnel, and a network of renowned national and international engineers and scientists.

Since inception, the Massie Chairs Program has made significant contributions to research and development in the areas of basic and applied science and engineering, environmental technology, national defense technology, homeland security, and nuclear nonproliferation studies. The Massie Chairs Program leverages support at the federal, state, and private industry levels to develop cutting-edge technologies. The following list itemizes some, but not all, of the recent areas of research and development endeavors undertaken by the Massie Chairs:

1.  Defense and Nuclear Nonproliferation

  1. Changes in Material Properties due to radiation Exposure

  2. Aging of Thermosetting Polymers

  3. Predictive Models for Metal Failure due to Corrosion & fatigue

  4. Training of US Citizens as Radio-chemists

  5. Particle Analysis and Particle Formation Processes

  6. Development of Waste Forms for Nuclear Waste Disposal

  7. Degradation of Materials under Repeated Laser Irradiation

  8. Accuracy of radioactive Contaminant Transport

  9. Modeling of Engineering Processes

  10. Nuclear Reaction Measurements

 2.  Environmental Engineering

  1. Air Pollution and Treatment

  2. Bioremediation

  3. Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

  4. Contaminant Transport Modeling

  5. Propagation of Shock Waves

  6. Constitutive Laws

  7. Liquefaction of Ground Surface

  8. Ground Water Hydraulics

  9. Aquifer Mechanics

  10. Land Subsidence

  11. Vadose Zone Hydrology

  12. Settlement of Landfills

  13. Hazardous Waste Treatment

  14. Mixed Waste Treatment

  15. Radioactive Waste Management

  16. Solid Waste Management

  17. Water and Wastewater Treatment

 3.  Other Engineering Topics

  1. Catalysis and Chemical Reaction Engineering

  2. Liquefaction of Coal

  3. Petroleum Gas to Liquid Processes

  4. Communication and Signal Processing

  5. Computer and Software Engineering

  6. Electronics

  7. Manufacturing Processes

  8. Materials Science and Engineering

  9. Power Systems and Control

  10. Solid Mechanics

  11. Thermal Sciences

  12. Transportation Planning

  13. Highway subgrade Design

  14. Permeability and Storactivity

  15. Electrochemical Engineering and Corrosion

The Massie Chairs are committed to the solution of engineering and scientific problems and are open to various types of collaborative partnerships such as:

  1. Basic research and development to solve fundamental engineering and science problems.

  2. Engineering design activities

  3. Engineering and environmental services as consultants to industries, municipalities, federal agencies

  4. Applied research and development partnership

  5. Development and delivery of short specialized training courses, seminars, workshops, and invited lectures

By partnering with the Samuel P. Massie chairs of Excellence, you access a diversity of experts that together provide a unique ability to address a variety of engineering concerns in an interdisciplinary fashion – from beginning to end. Modern project management methods are adopted to facilitate the communication of progress reports with all partners and stakeholders.

These Massie Chair experts collectively possess experience with most public and private sector research and development funding agencies, including DOE, NNSA, NASA, DoD, USGS, EPA, HUD, NSF and numerous research foundations. Projects have also been contracted with over 40 private clients, including Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Cummins Engines, Shell Canada, Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin Utilities, and Rollins Environmental Services. Together, the Chairs have published over 600 papers, twenty eight textbooks and textbook chapters, and several United States patents.  The Chairs collectively possess over 100 years of academic experience and 60 years of industrial experience performing cutting-edge research. Their programs offer a collective staff of more than 55 experts specifically hired under the Massie Chairs Program. These experts have a proven ability to identify problems, seek solutions, and produce groundbreaking results.

The Massie Chair engineering schools produce more than 30% of all African-American engineers in the United States. Partnership with the Massie Chair institutions guarantees your participation in an internationally recognized research and development effort to solve engineering problems. Partnership can also contribute to enhancing the engineering expertise of your organization, as well as help diversify your work force and the nation’s future engineering pool. Your partnership will also assist in producing world-class engineers who can help you produce world-class technologies to enhance the competitiveness of your business.

We invite you to examine our credentials, consider your research and development needs in engineering, and join us in partnership for a better future.

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