Turabo University Chair
Dr. Roberto Lorán,

Dr. Lorán is Professor of Industrial Engineering and currently Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairsat Universidad del Turabo.  Prior to that he served as Dean of the School of Engineering.

His undergraduate education in industrial engineering was at the Universidad de la República in Uruguay. He holds an MSC from the International Center for the Teaching of Statistics and Doctoral Degrees from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Operation Research and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Computer Sciences.

Dr. Lorán has worked in a number of universities from different countries, including Spain, Chile, Uruguay and the Dominican Republic. He has been a consultant for several international organizations, including the United Nations.

His principal areas of research interest are in applying emerging technologies to contribute to the socio-economic development and country competitiveness with an emphasis on sustainable development and international cooperation in Environmental Disciplines. He is a member of the International Society for Engineering Education and the American Society of Industrial Engineers.

Dr. Lorán has published over 100 articles. He is also very active in Latin-American and Caribbean regional professional organizations. 


Outreach Programs

Universidad del Turabo is characterize for a variety of outreach programs mainly operated by the School of Engineering and the School of Science and Technology. A total of 776 students and 125 professors from junior and high schools are participating in these programs each year. All the students from the precollege programs as well as professors participate in the activities and conferences organized by the Massie Chairs and its initiatives like PREC and CIEMADES. The programs are:

-Geoexplorers at Universidad del Turabo Program funded by NOAA, serves high school students (9-12) in the east central area of Puerto Rico and established a Saturday Academy at UT that offers seminars in NOAA related topics, natural resources, GIS and Business Development to at least 150 high school students annually.

-GEAR UP Program serves a total of 626 students each year beginning no later than the seventh grade and follows the cohort through the high school. This program is designed to increase the number of low income student who are prepared to enter and succeed in post secondary education.

-ACMT (Alliance in Science and Mathematics) Program impact 125 teachers of junior school from the Caguas and Humacao Educational regions each year. The goal is to impact both systemically as well as systematically, the manner in which math and science skills are being taught and learned by offering professional training for teachers in order to improve the academic achievement of middle school students in the fields of mathematics and science.


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