Our Global Scope

Due to their unique backgrounds and expertise, as well as highly effective teamwork, the Massie Chairs have individually and collectively produced remarkable and quantifiable results. Their research has taken them around the world to six of the seven continents. The Chairs have served as an Advisory Council member (only American) of the Center for Land Subsidence, China Geological Survey.  They have served as consultants to the National Council of Italy, Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Nationalized Oil Companies of Venezuela, the Nigerian Universities Commission, and the Ghana Mineral Industry, among others. Morgan State University's Chair is acknowledged as the world's leading expert on quantifying, modeling, and predicting land subsidence due to fluid withdrawal.  Examples of their international research include: affordable technologies for the abatement of environmental pollution; refining and promoting green quality function deployment; a novel method for sulfur dioxide gas removal from effluent stream during combustion; the application of groundwater hydraulics in evaluating soil deformation; and technology development and application to the petroleum industry.

The success of the Chairs is largely attributed to the individual expertise of each Chair, the teaming arrangements among the participating universities and the partnerships with other universities and the public and private sector. Furthermore, due to the level of expertise and unlimited resources within these universities, it is a cost effective approach to accomplish "more for less."


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