Publications of Dr. Massie



  1. As a coworker with Dr. Henry Gilman, Iowa State University.
    A. "Rearrangement in the Reaction of A-halogenonaphthalenes with Lithium Diethylamide,"Journal of the American Chemical Society, 67, 2106 (1945).
    B. "Anils as Open Models of a Modified Atebrin," ibid., 68, 908 (1946).
    C. "Reaction Between Triethylsilane and Methyl Lithium," ibid., 68, 1128 (1946). (Dr. Gilman received the first Kipping Award given by the American Chemical Society for outstanding research in organosilicon chemistry in 1962. This paper was his first publication in this area).
    D. "Synthesis of 1-diethylamino-2, 3-epoxypropane and Related Compounds," ibid., 68, 1291 (1946).
    E. "Sulfur Analog of the Plasmochin Type: 8-(y-diethylaminopropyl-amino)-6-quinolyl methyl sulfide,"ibid., 68, 1577 (1946).
    F. "6, 8-Dichloro-2-(2'-pyridyl)-a-di-n-butylaminomethyl-4-quinoline-methanol," ibid., 68, 2399 (1946).
    G. "Substituted Quinolyl Dodecyl Sulfides," ibid., 71, 744 (1949).
    H. "Synthesis of N-methyl-3-isopropyl-4-dimethylaminophenylcarbamate and Related Compounds," The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 19, 1967 (1954).


  2. As the principal investigator.
    A. "The Synthesis of 1-substituted Phenothiazines by Thionation," ibid., 21, 347 (1956).
    B. "2-Phenothiazinyl Ketones and Their Derivatives," ibid., 21, 1006 (1956).
    C. "A Convenient Synthesis of m-Anisidine," ibid., 22, 333 (1957).
    D. "Esters of 2-Phenothiazine Carboxylic Acid," ibid., 24, 251 (1959)
    E. "Further Studies on the Thionation Reaction and the Synthesis of Phenothiazinois," ibid., 24, 986 (1959).
    F. "The Chemistry of Phenothiazine," Chemical Reviews, 54, 697 (1954). (This article was of such international interest that in excess of 500 requests for reprints from more than 50 countries were received.)


  3. Papers read before international, national, regional or state meetings of professional societies, and published as abstracts in the reports of that meeting.
    A. "Talomerization," Fall Meeting, Oklahoma Academy of Science, 1948.
    B. "Modern Aspects of Chemotherapy," Presidential Address, Fall meeting, Oklahoma Academy of Science, 1953.
    C. "Putting the Plus into Chemistry," National Meeting, American Chemical Society, Kansas City, Missouri, 1954.
    D. "Friedal-Crafts Acylations of Phenothiazine," 14th International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Zurich, Switzerland, 1955. (Partially published in J. Org. Chem, 21, 1006,(1956).
    E. "The Synthesis of 1, 1 Dichloroheptane," Fall meeting, Tennessee Academy of Science, 1957.
    F. "Substituted Dianilinoethanes as Derivative for Aldehydes," Southern Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Gainesville, Florida, 1958.
    G. "Friedal-Crafts Acylations of Phenothiazines," ibid.
    H. "Some Derivatives of Xanthydrol," ibid.
    I. "Reactions of Isopropenyl Acetate," ibid.
    J. "What Chemists Do," ibid.
    K. "The Visiting Scientists Program in Chemistry," ibid.
    L. "The Special Projects in Science Education Program of the National Science Foundation," Southeastern Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Birmingham, Alabama, 1960.
    M. "The Undergraduate Instructional Scientific Equipment Program of the National Science Foundation," National Meeting, American Chemical Society, Atlantic City, NJ, 1962.
    N. Symposium Leader, Centennial Meeting, ACS, New York City, April, 1976.
    O. "The Trident Scholar Program of the United States Naval Academy," ACS - Mexico Joint Congress, Mexico City, November 1977.
    P. Brady, Ferguson and Company, ACS - Japan National Meeting, Honolulu, HI, April 1979.
    Q. "Heterocyclic Thiosemicarbazones as Antimalarial and Antibacterial Agents," Northeastern Regional Meeting, ACS, Syracuse, NY, October 1979.


  4. Other Publications
    A. "The Status of the Teaching of Chemistry in the High Schools of Oklahoma," Southwestern Journal, (1948).
    B. "Research in a Small College," Industrial Trends, (1949).
    C. "The Value of Research in an Undergraduate Program," Beta Kappa Chi Journal, (1954)
    D. "The Significance of Research in the Education of an Undergraduate Science Student," Beta Kappa Chi Journal, (1962).
    E. "Historically Black Higher Educational Institutions and the Marine Sciences,"Current, Fall, 1982.


  5. Book Reviews
    A. "Organic Chemistry, by Fieser and Fieser,"J. Chem. Ed., 33, 597.
    B. "Laboratory Technique in Organic Chemistry," by Wilberg, ibid., 38, A 192 (1961).
    C. "Experimental Organic Chemistry," by Baldwin, ibid., 43, 506 (1966).
    D. 4 Books in Chemical processes, 1957-60.


  6. Trident Scholars of Professor Massie
    (The Trident Scholar program at the U. S. Naval Academy allows a few highly qualified students each year to perform significant research projects in their senior year in place of much of the normal course work. Selection for the program is extremely competitive.)

    1967-8 PAUL GUY GALENTINE III, "Sulphur-Containing Ring Derivatives of Phenothiazine as Antimalarials."
    1969-70 JOHN WILLIAM BODNAR, "The Synthesis of New Antimalarials."
    1970-1 STEVEN CRAIG SPANCAKE, "The Synthesis of Pyrimidines as Potential Cardiovascular Drugs and Characterization Agents."
    1971-2 MICHAEL MCKINNEY, "A Study of Some Factors Affecting the Biochemical Conversion of Mercury Pollutants to Toxic Methyl-Mercury by Microorganisms in a Marine Sediment."
    1972-3 RICHARD ALLEN ELLIOTT, "The Synthesis of Alkylated Amino Acids as Potential Drugs against Lung Cancer."
    1973-4 JOHN JOSEPH MCCAFFREY, JR., "Derivatives of Carbinol Amines as Potential Antimalarials."
    1976-7 HARRY JOHN GERHARD, "The Synthesis of Nitrogen Mustard Derivatives of Hydantoins and Related Compounds as Potential Anti-Brain Tumor Agents."

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